What is a Bell Pepper?

Also called a SWEET PEPPER, is a slightly sweet fruit used in many cuisines from different regions of the world. Unlike it's spicy cousins, the  pepper has little to no perceptible heat and may be safely enjoyed by those who dislike spicy foods. Bell Peppers are delicious in a variety of recipes and can be grown in many different colours.

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Pepper Autumn Bell
Wonderful bell pepper that grows with multiple fruits forming weighing 12 ounces and measuring ab..
Ex Tax: $1.50
Pepper California Golden  Wonder
One of the most loved sweet varieties.  Thick walled, blocky and 12cm long turning to yellow..
Ex Tax: $1.50
Pepper Sweet Canary  Bell
Enjoy a sweet pepper which when mature is yellow instead of green. The plant produces large amoun..
Ex Tax: $1.50
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